About Me, Myself and Eye

Me, Myself and Eye is an interactive educational resource on childhood vision impairment for Australian children, their families, schools and the community.

Me, Myself and Eye is an online game and educational resource where children can explore different settings, experience different images and learn about the unique tools and equipment that children with a vision impairment use to assist them at home, school and in the community. It was designed to provide children, with and without a vision impairment, their families and educators with information and knowledge in a fun, interactive and accessible way.

Vision impairment is a low incidence disability. Students with vision impairment are often the only student with vision impairment at their school. The impact of vision impairment is often not explicit to other children. For example, children can have a degree of awareness that a child in their local community has vision impairment however, what “vision impairment” actually means is often poorly understood.

Due to the low incidence nature of childhood vision impairment there is a need for families, peers, teachers and other people involved in the child’s education and care to access educational resources that promote the inclusion, independence and participation of children with vision impairment in their communities.

This website has been developed by VisAbility and the project was funded by a Commonwealth grant from the Non-Government Centre Support (NGCS) which VisAbility gratefully acknowledges.